Leveraging specials for rank advancement

Using doTERRA’s specials to grow your biz

Whether you’re just starting out growing your doTERRA business or if you’ve been at it a while, there are times when we all need a little boost. doTERRA provides some amazing incentives, specials, and promotions that we can utilize to gain momentum and achieve our goals.

Month’s with a 200pv special are especially helpful.  Not only do our customers get some outstanding values, we can leverage these specials to advance.

Think about it.  Elite is a cornerstone rank.  It takes just 12 Elites (on your second level) to get to Diamond. Just 15  200pv orders equals Elite.  Working with your builders to achieve that amount isn’t insurmountable, and breaking things down to simple numbers helps keep things manageable.

We have a unique opportunity this month (October 2018) with the amazing convention kit.  Not only are the products and oils top-notch and super versatile, but the savings is incredible.  Add to that the 200pv special for October and you have the recipe for a hugely successful month.

For new folks, getting started with all these oils and bonuses gives them LOTS to work with, and for existing customers, earning the bonus Product of the Month and product credits amps up the value even more.

Teach people how to use what they order

To encourage the use of those new oils, we are giving everyone on our team who orders a convention kit a set of our #dreambig labels. We know this will help get those bottles open and used. My laser printer is on the fritz, so I look my label sheets to Staples and had them printed for just .50 a sheet.  Makes for an inexpensive but highly useful gift.  If you haven’t purchased this digital download, grab it today. You can print as many copies as you need! We’re adding a diffuser recipe/label set shortly too.  Perfect for the car diffuser!!

This is the perfect month to print up your detailed genealogy, contact those folks who have been inactive for a bit, and get them re-engaged while saving them quite a bit of money at the same time. A quick consult will help you see what their needs are and how they can use the new products to best support their health. Many of the items make incredible gifts too. Encourage your builders to do the same and quickly you’ll have reached everyone in your organization.  

Quick Tip – make sure you find out what’s going on in your customer’s lives. Connecting and really knowing them helps us to serve them even better.

What goals are you reaching for this month? 


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  1. Love the happy juice idea!

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