Engaging your Existing Customers

engaging. your existing customers

How do you engage your existing customers?

Monthly education classes can be a fun and effective way to keep people onboard the #oiltrain. It’s easy if you’re not as obsessed as we are to not reach for your oils for #justabouteverything.

We pick a couple different oils each month, share both common and unexpected uses, I give a handout with recipe ideas, and we do a small make&take. I don’t charge anything for it – I keep it simple and consider it a great investment in my existing customers.


Some months I get requests on what oils they want to learn about, and other times it’s up to me  but hey, there isn’t a bad option. Seriously, what oil would you not want to learn about??  We meet at a local coffee shop (I have standing reservations the first Wednesday of each month). It’s a slower night for them, so they are happy to have the business. I don’t have to worry if my house is a mess (#whohastimetoclean) or if I have refreshments. And yes, existing customers are more than welcome to bring non-oily guests. I always carry a few welcome packets/gifts with me.

Keeping things simple has my other builders eyeballing the idea. I’ll consider it the most successful once they duplicate it! Simplicity also means I don’t pack up ALL the oils, but the ones we are discussing as well as oils that compliment them along with the top ten.

For the make and take, we’ve done rollers, bath salts, hand spray, diffuser blends. This month we did an aromatherapy/perfume spray that was the most popular make and take yet. We had talked about the grounding blend and reassuring blend because, well, who doesn?t need a little help in the stress department, right??

Here’s a little bonus for you all, my recipe and label for “Happy Juice”

happy juice label downloadWe mixed this up ahead of time:

1/2 cup distilled water
2 T witch hazel or vodka
1 T vegetable glycerin
(adjust based on number attending)

In a small 10mL spray bottle (check amazon), add 3-4 drops each Grounding Blend and invigorating Blend and top with water mixture. Shake before using.

And click here for the free Happy Juice label. There’s an individual label as well as a full pdf printable. You can use the label sheets we recommend or print on a sheet of good quality paper, using clear packing tape to attach to the bottle. You can do a bit of re-sizing on the individual label to make it the right size for whatever container you are using.

Love on those existing customers, and they will get the most out of their oils.

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