More on keeping existing customers plugged in and excited

Keeping existing customers engaged and excited about learning goes a long way towards creating a thriving oil business. #oildetails

Currently we host once a month meet-ups for local community members to learn about 2 oils. It’s a quick 45 minute class at a local coffee shop (although we often stay longer to chat about oils….you know how we oilers are, right??) 

Each month we also do a simple make and take. I provide this for free for my team, but if you needed to charge a supply fee, that would be okay as well. The important thing is the doing! Some months we’ve made rollers, others a diffuser blend to take home. Sometimes it’s mini-sprays, you name it.  The only requirements are SIMPLE and inexpensive.

My community looks forward to learning about different oils, but I think they love the doing part of the class even more. Anytime we can get people to roll up their sleeves and USE oils, we are empowering them to get the most out of what they have.

Here’s a fun make and take for the winter months (and I’ve also used this for gifts):

winter wellness bath saltWinter Wellness Bath Salts

You’ll need:

1 WinterWellness Label
1 40mL plastic tube
Himalayan Pink Salt (course)
Ginger essential oil
Eucalyptus essential oil

Print labels on full label paper, cut and attach or print on good quality regular paper and attach with clear packing tape. (I did this part in advance but you don’t have to)

Fill tube with salt and add 5 drops each of Ginger & Eucalyptus. Shake well.

There are usage instructions on the label.

Fun, simple, professional looking…… it doesn’t get much better than that!




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