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Celebrate your customer's "Oil"iversary

As your essential oil team grows, it’s important to keep things simple and duplicatable – but it’s also important to stay connected with your customers and team. We’ve been reaching out to all of our enrollments on their anniversary month for a number of reasons:

To touch base and answer questions
To give usage tips and education
To make them feel valued and special

Originally we thought about sending them a product – lotion, toothpaste, lip balm, etc. but that wasn’t something all of our builders were able to duplicate. The cost of products along with postage can be prohibitive. One month I made vinyl labels with my silhouette and sent a recipe card & note for an all purpose cleaner. My people loved it, and even better…it got them using their oils (even the ones that had enrolled and never ordered again). My folks who are avid oilers loved having a new recipe and cute label to use too.

Depending on the customer and their current ordering status, I customize the note. I may offer a wellness review or to teach an oil class for them. The key is to personalize it to the individual and have a reason to follow up later in the month.

Keep it SIMPLE

I love making it simple for people to use their oils. Education and support is what makes us stand out from other companies. So Alison and I brainstormed — what about some fun labels with a recipe & notecard that would be affordable for just about anyone? We thought about recipes that used oils most people would have on hand for products that just about everyone needs.  Our Happy “Oil”iversary notecard sets were born. 

The notecard sets come with six complete sets: Labels, recipe/notecard, envelope. All you need are addresses and stamps. There are three different themes so that you can send what fits your customer best. Or just rotate through all of them giving you THREE years of anniversary gifts!

Want our tips? Yeah. Of course you do #worksmarternotharder

I have two methods you can use to prep for sending these each month

Option 1

  1. Around the first of the month, go to your detailed genealogy.  Make sure you add the address/city/state/zip fields to the report. I generally remove the information I don’t need. Make sure to keep the enroller and date enrolled column visible.  
  2. Click on the “enroller” header to sort everyone by enroller.
  3. Copy all of your enrollments and paste into a spreadsheet
  4. Sort the date column using the spreadsheet software and from there you should be able to highlight just the enrollments from the month you are in (the year doesn’t matter, just the month…we’ll be looking for everyone who enrolled in July in just a few days)
  5. From there, just go through the list and write notes to each person, address, stamp & mail

I use MailerLite for managing my email lists. If you use it or something similar, this next option is super easy

Option 2

  1. When you import your customer’s information into your service – and I’ll be referring to MailerLite since that’s what I use, make sure to import address/city/state as well as enrollment date. You can export information from your back office by choosing “mailing labels” under “wellness advocate services” This will create a csv file. Delete any columns you aren’t interested in importing
  2. After your subscribers are imported (I added mine to a group entitled “team”, I created custom fields for enrollment month and enrollment year so that I can sort those separately. I also added groups for “personal enrollment” and “local area” to make communication easier.
  3. I hired my teenager to go through and edit the information for the imported names – changing 04/04/2017 to April in the month field and 2017 in the year.  She added the groups “local” or “personal enrollment” as they applied.  This was a big job initially but is super easy to maintain as we add people each month. Of course if you aren’t blessed with “live in help” or an assistant, this is something you can knock out while binge watching your favorite show on Netflix. A little time consuming, but not difficult.
  4. Now we just need to sort the field for the current month and we’re good to go.  After investing the initial time, I now can access what I need simply. Maybe we’ll add some fun gifts for things like 5 year anniversaries, who knows?!? By having the year field it will make it easy to do that when the time comes

Ready to stock up on anniversary cards? You can shop for them here. Use the code “happy-anniversary” for 10% off your order

And if you’d like to get started with MailerLite, you can join here. (we both get a $20 credit if you use this link!) It’s been my favorite email list service. Lots of features on the free package, and paid versions start at only $10/month. You do need to have your own domain to use this, but that is not a huge deal. AND we’re getting ready to launch some tools to make building your own site a breeze.

 If you need assistance getting your lists set up, contact us. For a small fee, we can get you up and going in no time.

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