Host a fun Roller Exchange

Are you looking for a fun way to build camaraderie in your oil community?

A roller exchange is a simple AND fun way to create a great sense of family for your group. And…it doesn’t matter if people live near or far, mailing a roller isn’t expensive. Oil mail is always fun to receive too.

We have a simple method for setting up our roller exchange. Each interested participant fills out a google form answering questions such as:

  • The basics (name & mailing address)
  • What issues they are trying to deal with
  • What oils they LOVE…as well as what oils they DON’T 😉

And that’s it – we keep it as simple as possible. We generally give everyone 3-4 days to sign up, Make sure to put out a few reminders since many people miss posts because of the FUN algorithm. We’ll also generally send it out to everyone via email or message/text people individually if we know they aren’t online often. Give a range of a few days when the roller should be mailed so everyone receives their roller within a few days. We do one 10mL roller & the recipe, but you can set whatever guidelines you want.  And if anyone is looking for some fun labels, our downloads are affordable and adorable (with some sass on the side)

Time to play matchmaker

After that the next step in the roller exchange process is to match people up. I like to try and pair up people who probably don’t know each other very well. It’s fun to see new friendships develop. But honestly, don’t spend too much brainpower on it. Swap names. Record matches on a spreadsheet or Trello board in case anyone has a question/forgets their person.

We encourage everyone to post a pic of their roller when they receive it in the mail. It’s a fun way to increase engagement in your group. If everyone is local, you could also have a meet-up to do the roller exchange. The last time we did it, I received a joint/muscle roller and learned a new recipe that ended up being extremely effective for me! And another benefit was the beginnings of a few new friendships!

You’re welcome to use either of the graphics in this post for your own roller exchange or create your own. We made these graphics in PicMonkey*, our favorite photo editing/graphic creating software. 

*affiliate link. We make a small commission if you choose to sign up for PicMonkey’s paid version via the above link.

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