How to use PicMonkey

creating graphics with PicMonkey is simple!

So you don’t think you’re creative enough to create your own graphics? Don’t sweat it – using PicMonkey makes it simple to create professional looking graphics in minutes. Take a quick tour of PicMonkey with Sally and see how quickly you can create an infographic or header for your Facebook group.

Sometimes it’s great to use pre-made graphics (there are a lot of great ones out there – those hashtag people have some nice ones. 😂) BUT there are times when you need something custom, and PicMonkey can help you do it. Maybe you’re adding a watermark to one of the graphics we provide in the squad group, or perhaps you want to showcase a great diffuser or roller blend you created, regardless, having this tool available will definitely be an asset.

Yes, it’s another expense, but it’s very reasonable and if you’re like me, you’ll end up using it often. It’s also a great photo editing tool, which just adds to its benefits. I use it to edit photos and create graphics for my WordPress site too. I have Photoshop and Illustrator (great tools too) but I tend to get in and out of this a lot faster. 

More Tutorials coming your way

We’ll be doing nice tutorial videos over the next few weeks to help you get the most out of PicMonkey. If you have questions or would like a demo of something specific, comment below or feel free to contact us.

Want to see what New PicMonkey is all about? Sign-up for your free trial today!

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