Meet the girls behind the hashtags

Do you have one of those friends where #snark&sarcasm is the preferred mode of conversation?  Yeah, that’s how these two ladies roll. #thehashtaggirls was born out of crazy hashtag-filled text messages and a lot of laughter – along with a desire to have fun but SIMPLE materials to use for classes & workshops.  Alison & Sally may live in opposite parts of the country, but that didn’t stop them from developing some of the snarkiest and light-hearted oil tools around.

meet Alison

Alison came to this oil world a bit reluctantly, but five kids pushed her into the world of #justgivemeallthethings, and her oil journey began!  She loves to educate to make sure others don’t blow up their kitchens, and uses her nursing background to help all those in her classes and community see the bigger picture.  Married to a military man with the #patienceofasaint to all my #squirrelmoments, she lives in ‘The Springs’ Colorado with her entire brood.






meet sally
Sally wasn’t always into natural wellness options. Initially she was #quitetheskeptic. After an amazing friend poked, prodded, and encouraged her, Sally discovered that those little drops of oil really were pretty powerful after all.  Sally has now embraced a natural lifestyle (though she’s #notquitecrunchy)and loves helping others see how simple it can be to include essential oils as part of that lifestyle. Sally & hubby Dave have 3 beautiful daughters, 2 sons-in-law, and 2 crazy (but adorable) grandsons & live in Fayetteville, NC


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