CollegeLife Reference Cards

College life…. full of stress, all night study sessions, maybe not the best diet…. and also a great time to build healthy habits & make wellness a priority.

These teaching sets will help you set up lots of students for a lifetime of better health choices.

**Also available in 5 and 10 packs**

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For most kids it’s the first time living away from home. Learning how to handle stuffy noses, upset stomaches, stress, emotional ups and downs and more can be overwhelming. #adultingishard

Our CollegeLife reference cards make it super easy to figure out what do in a huge variety of situations. With 3 basic cards (how to use essential oils aromatically, topically, and internally) along with 10 topical cards (Focus, Tension, Energy, Digestion, Immune, Joint&Muscle, Emotional, Sleep, Personal Care, Cleaning), new college students will be equipped to take control of their health & wellness.

Each card features info on individual oils and products, roller recipes, diffuser blends, and other usage & money saving tips

The set comes with downloadable labels for the roller recipes. if you need label sheets, try these from Amazon.* They’re our favorite!

**Also available in 5 and 10 packs**

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